One Thousand Gifts: Life

I missed a week, I know.  Last week I was working on painting rooms, moving and reorganizing items, and rearranging furniture.  Between that, my usual housework, and my actual work, the days were full to the brim.  And so, I never had time to write a post. 
Yet, life went on without my post, as it always does.  With it came lessons on faith and love…as well as some very precious moments. 
DSCF2012 (3)
91. Holding a tiny newborn.
92. Flowers still blooming in October
93. The weather changing, bringing the promise of rain.
94. Sharing in the exciting news that a dear friend has another baby on the way.
95. Nieces safe in Momma’s womb for another week.
96. Wind chimes singing outside my kitchen window.
97. A pumpkin sitting on the table, reminding me of this glorious season.
98. A hot bowl of chili on a rainy fall day.
99. My yellow stand mixer that makes baking something that much more fun.
100. Friends and family to share life with.

One thought on “One Thousand Gifts: Life

  1. I found your blog though ahe. I'm LOVING that you have a yellow mixer! How fun! Mine is boring white…I wonder if I could paint it…hmm.Have a blessed week. 🙂

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