What Comes First?

We all have a variety of roles we play.  Wife.  Daughter.  Sister.  Mother.  Student.  Employee.  Nursery worker.  Friend.  Writer.  We all have different parts to who we are.  Yet our lives are often so busy that all these roles get muddled.

It’s easy for me to think that as long as I’m busy doing something, then I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  Busyness means effectiveness, right?  Lately, however, I’ve been realizing that this point-of-view completely misses the role that priorities play, or at least should play, in our lives.

Take my main roles.  My life right now comprises of being a wife, homemaker, substitute teacher, administrative assistant, blogger, writer, daughter, sister, friend, church-worker, and, most importantly, a follower of the most High King.  So here’s how my priorities time-wise should go:

1. God—Quiet time with Him, serving Him in various ministries that He has called me to, following His leading, worshiping Him, etc.

2. My husband—Attending to his needs, helping him at work, keeping our house, planning meals, and anything that will help and please him.  Even working out to stay healthy and fit for him!

3. People—Building relationships, encouraging people, practicing hospitality, etc.

4. Work—Subbing and working at Stone County Ironworks

5. Writing, blogging, other interests—Blogging, writing, sewing, crocheting, creative projects.

6. Free time and Rest.

Lately, my days have gone along the lines of what I think of next, or what I want to do at the time.  I’ve worked on blogs before working on the house.  I’ve sat crocheting before spending time with God.  I’ve gotten it all mixed up because I’m doing something…and something useful!  If I centered my days around this list instead, working in a little bit of everything and doing tasks according to priority, then my days would be a lot more productive

So, I’m working on getting my priorities straight, and centering my tasks around them.  Blogging is taking a back seat.  It’s still something I love and have a passion for, but it’s not my priority.  I’m not going to work on it before doing something Andy needs done, spending time with God, or completing necessary housework. 

After all, when my priorities are right, then my writing might just be a whole lot better.

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