To Marvel at His Creation

This morning I went outside as soon as it was light to let the dog out of her kennel.  As I breathed in the cool, fall air, I was struck by the beauty of His creation.

The trees in our yard are just starting to turn, but the hillside behind our house was covered with greens and reds and oranges.  Fog lay softly in the field below it, and fluffy grey clouds filled the skies.  It was perfect.

I wondered how much I would have missed if I hadn’t taken the time to look up…to marvel at His creation.  There’s a persimmon tree tucked into the corner of our property, but I would never have noticed it if I hadn’t taken the time to look.  How many things am I missing out on by letting life become so busy that I never have the time to just sit and ponder?

Lord, help me to enjoy the slow, simple life.  Help me to never miss out on the beauty of Your works.

For it’s a beauty that takes me breathe away.

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