Unexpected Days

We’ve had this turkey in the freezer for almost a year.  Technically, it wasn’t always in our freezer.  For the first eight months it was in my mother-in-law’s freezer, until we moved into our new house and got a freezer big enough to fit it in. 

All year we’ve been wondering what to do with it.  You see, Andy’s work gives every employee a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Only problem was, we weren’t even here last Thanksgiving.  Instead we were in Arizona with my family eating their turkey.  And then, for Christmas, we were at my in-laws, and they had their own turkey too. 

I kept thinking we’d make it for a special occasion.  Valentine’s Day perhaps?  Somehow, it has to be a very special day with lots of free time to have the patience to roast a turkey for hours.  And so in the freezer it sat.
Then we thought we’d have it for our own Easter dinner.  Only problem was, I forgot to get my turkey out of my in-laws freezer before they left for the holiday.  With no key, and no way to get my turkey, we settled for a nice roast instead.

So, when the turkey was moved into my keeping at our new house, the plan became to roast it once we had our kitchen done.  Well, it’s done!  And so yesterday I put it in the roasting pan, smothered it in olive oil and thyme, and stuck it in the oven.

I’d let it defrost a few days, but apparently not long enough.  The turkey never finished cooking.  It was in there for hours and then the time for Wednesday night church came around and we ended up having to get fast food instead.  Compared to the delicious smelling turkey in my oven, that was a crime.

So, today it’s in my oven once more.  I’m determined to have a turkey for dinner.  I even made stuffing and I’m thinking about making an apple pie with all the apples I bought at the store earlier. 

Who cares that it’s Thursday.  Who cares that my husband has had a long day and is late from work.  Who cares that it’s not a holiday and I don’t have sparkling grape juice. 

What I do have, is worth much more than all those things.  I have a husband who can’t wait to get home to a good dinner and a happy wife (and I can’t wait for him to get home either!).  I have a dream kitchen with plenty of room to make this feast.  The sun is shining, the taste of fall is in the air, and by gads I will have me a turkey dinner!

Besides…I wanted to get rid of it before the next turkey enters my freezer in a month.  Leftover turkey anyone?

One thought on “Unexpected Days

  1. Just in time for the Turkey Trot over in Yellville going on this weekend. They're throwing turkeys from airplanes and have the national turkey calling contest and EVERYTHING!!! Embrace this new state of yours, Mrs Baker! ;)Beautiful post, by the way! I loved it!

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