One Thousand Gifts: A Simple Cup of Tea

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed a quiet moment in the midst of a busy life.  A fresh pot of loose-leaf Chai tea served in my blue china teacups, an open Bible, and a blank journal—these things do wonders to my soul.  Everything was still and quiet, and I was able to just talk to my Lord and let Him speak to me.  The day was chilly and sunny, and brown leaves covered the ground outside, but I had my seat at our big kitchen window.  And with a hot cup of tea and my Jesus, that was all I needed.

81. Precious nieces still safe in their mommy’s tummy.
82. Making a dinner my husband really enjoys (Chicken Fried Steak).  And I mean really.
83. Sweet hugs from kindergarteners two days in a row.
84. Slipping into a breezy summer dress after a long, hot day.
85. Wearing said dress on a spontaneous week-night date with my man.
86. Making dinner in my new kitchen for the first time.
87. More cabinet space that I need.
88. Brownies and biscuits perfectly baked in my newish oven.
89. A dishwasher that actually cleans dishes.
90. Enjoying tea and quiet time on a Sunday afternoon next to my sunny kitchen window.

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