Exciting New Places

I wanted to share something really special that is happening in my life right now.  As you know, I’m happily married to a wonderful guy.  And, as you also know, I love sharing tidbits and stories from our life and marriage in order to encourage others. 

For the last while a blogging friend, Emily from Scribbles from Emily, has been working on a new blog specifically geared for newlyweds, Newlyweds Bliss.  It’s going to be a great place for newlyweds to share about life, marriage, finances, home, intimacy, and so much more. 

And guess what?  It launches today!  This week there are going to be some great giveaways and introductions to celebrate the launch of this brand new blog.  I encourage you to check it out and share it with as many people as possible.  Do you know any newlyweds or soon-to-be-marrieds?  Then share this site with them!  And go over and check it out yourself…you just might win something!

I’m also excited to announce that I’m going to be one of the main contributors to the blog, along with Emily and Kelsey.  I’ll be posting there every Friday, so don’t forget to go over and check it out.
I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this team.  Sometimes it’s hard to balance the things that I am experiencing and have a heart for, and what you as my readers and “bloggersphere” friends will relate to.  Not everyone is a newlywed, after all!  That’s where Newlyweds Bliss comes in.  This site will be devoted specifically to newlyweds (and those that still feel like newlyweds).  Check it out today!

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