Buying this house, Andy and I have found ourselves with more space on our hands than we know what to do with. Our previous rent house was around 900 square feet with three tiny bedrooms, one of which was completely taken up by my husband’s weight machine. Our current house is 2300 square feet…a big difference.

Most days I just pass by the empty rooms without a thought. We don’t need them. One of them is filled with boxes and items we haven’t found a place for yet. Two others sit completely empty. I rarely go in the second bathroom.

But sometimes, as we fix up this home of ours, I see something else.

Sometimes as I look down the hallway to the little back bedroom, I see a yellow nursery, filled with toys

Sometimes, as I clean up the second bathroom for guests to come over, I see warm bubbles in the bath, and children giggling as they laugh and play. 

Sometimes, as I rearrange the furniture in the living room, I see a Friday night of boardgames on the floor, and a homeschool area set up in the corner.

Sometimes, as I play the keys of my grandmother’s piano, I see chubby little fingers slowly hitting the keys.

Sometimes, as I put things away in the kitchen cupboards, I see baby bottles stacked high and a high chair by the table.

Sometimes, as I crawl into bed at night, I see a rocker in the corner where I rock my sleeping babe.

Sometimes, as we dream of the dining table we want, I see a family gathering, with grandparents and children all around, eating dinner on my blue china.

Sometimes, when I look out in our back yard, I see our children playing with Sam and Elsa, soaking up the Spring sun.

Yes, sometimes I dream such things.

This house, this home, is so much more than a place to live.  It’s a place to grow into and shape. 

And it’s a place to dream.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes

  1. Awww, this was sweet. We started out much like this, moving from a tiny little duplex to a house that my Hubby built. There were empty rooms for a while, and now it's surreal to see them filled with sweet little faces. Dreaming is good.

  2. ^One of the big draws of this house was how big it is (at least to us). I can't wait to see these rooms filled! They seem so empty right now, but it's fun thinking of the time when they will be full

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