When I Walk

Sometimes I get a little stressed when things aren’t all under my control.  God’s been teaching me a lot lately about finding my security and peace in Him and not in money or possessions.  But I’m definitely not all there yet…not even close.  And so, I find myself starting to stress and freak out from time to time.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those times.  I was trying desperately to not be such a control freak, but it was hard.  After lunch, I read my Bible and spent some quiet time, but I was still feeling antsy inside.  And the drowsiness of the afternoon was starting to overcome me.  And so, I did the only thing I knew how to: I put my walking shoes on, leashed up the dog, and we went for our walk.  God knew that was exactly what I needed.

Somehow when I walk, all the pressures and stresses of life seem to melt away.  As I enjoy the sun’s rays beating down on me and the beautiful wonders of God’s creation, I find myself restored and renewed.  The endorphins stir me on to finish the day out strong.  And I find myself reminded, once again, that God created exercise for a reason.  It’s healthy for your body and your mind and spirit. 

There are days when I just don’t feel like walking, or just don’t have the time.  But when I do it anyway, I never regret it.  Walking never fails to restore me.  I love being in God’s word…it’s so important.  But I find my walks are just as important.  When I walk I try to talk to God, and pour out my troubles at His feet, but the beauty of His creation quickly distracts me.  Instead, I start to let Him speak to my heart and refresh me.  Yes, walking is just as important as praying.  For when I walk, I listen.   

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