One Thousand Gifts: Dreams of Tomorrow

This week has been long and full, but wonderful.  My parents came to visit over the weekend, which was awesome!  And then today I did my first substitute job.  I was in a 1st grade classroom and just loved it!  I’m learning to take what God has for me each day and do it for His glory. 

21. My parents coming to visit after almost a year (not from seeing them, but from them coming here).
22. Celebrating my man’s 24th birthday.
23. Celebrating one year and 3 months of wedded bliss.
24. Setting goals with my very best friend.
25. Organic carrots that are cheaper than the regular ones.
26. Getting things for free.
27. Getting told I’m really pretty by a six-year-old.
28. Feeling in my element…in a classroom again.
29. Finding out I’m going to be an aunt to two precious twin girls!
30. Feeling fully alive and happy!

One thought on “One Thousand Gifts: Dreams of Tomorrow

  1. Joining you from Multitudes on Monday. I try to visit a few posts near mine each week. I love your list. Especially being told by a six year old that your beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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