One Thousand Gifts

So, I’ve been meaning to do the whole thousand little gifts challenge for a long time, and I thought that today was a great day to start.  So often, I get caught up in all the big things in life, and miss out on the little blessings that He has given me.  I’d love for you to take this journey with me…let me know if you’re doing your own version of one thousand gifts!
1.) A Savior who loves me and died for me…who is my Life, my All-in-All.
2.) A man who would do anything for me and who cherishes me is so many ways.
3.) A wonderful extended family that loves and supports us.
4.) A new home to make together and watch our dreams grow in together.
5.) A dog and cat who daily make me feel loved and important…who bring laughter into my life.
6.) Getting to live in a rural place and learning to not take for granted little things like Starbucks.
7.) Having a plan and a purpose beyond what I could dream.
8.) Some of the best friends and “kindred spirits” I’ve ever known.
9.) A church that I can grow in and serve in…and get excited about being in.
10.) The hope of tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “One Thousand Gifts

  1. Hi Caitlin! I found your blog though the multitudes on Mondays link up, and I love your list! It is hard to not take Starbucks for granted, not to mention a wonderful spouse and savior. I noticed your wedding date…my husband and I got married June 19th, 2010. Yay for being newlyweds! 🙂

  2. @ Emily: Thank you so much for reading my blog! Your wedding date is really close to mine!@ Lori: Thank you! We don't do everything perfect…far from it…but we're trying.@ Barbie: Yes, the hope of tomorrow is a blessing indeed!

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