Making ‘Cents’ of It: All About Price Matching

Typically I do all of my shopping at our Walmart Supercenter.  The other two grocery stores in town simply do not carry enough, nor are their prices good enough, to justify shopping there much.  However, I still find great deals and sales in their weekly circulars.  I just don’t want to waste the time and gas money to drive all over town to get a few things.
Now, Walmart doesn’t double coupons, but they do do something even better…they price match.  That means that if you find something for a better price at another store, they will match that price for you.  For instance, Wilson’s Town & Country is one of the little groceries we have in town.  Their produce prices are often the best in town.  Yet, instead of driving there to get them, I just take their weekly ad into Walmart and ask them to match Wilson’s prices.
The best part is Walmart will price match almost anything, even if the ad is for a store that’s not in your town.  Usually I just price match my produce, but you can find toiletries and other items on sale at another store and get Walmart to match that price for you. 
So, here’s how a typical grocery trip would work:  I check out Wilson’s weekly ad and see what they have on sale.  Say that have green bell peppers for 59 cents a piece.  That’s a good price, so I make a note of it and bring the ad with me to Walmart.  Walmart’s green bell peppers are 99 cents each, but they will match Wilson’s price, so I just save 40 cents  a pepper.  Pretty good, if I must say so! 
Keep an eye on other store’s sales…you just might find an incredible deal.  The best part is you can get that deal without even entering their store!

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