Simple Pleasures

Today I got my poor, neglected, lifeless hair revived with a haircut.  This is the first in several months, and my poor hair just doesn’t do too well without one.  It was getting long and stringy, and I was beginning to hate it.

Enter my hairdresser, Susan, whom I LOVE by the way!  She’s the only one I’ve ever gone to since moving to this little town, and I can honestly say she’s the best I’ve ever had.  She does awesome haircuts, knows what looks great on you, and wants to cut your hair exactly how you want her to.  No bush-wacking here!  As usual, she did an awesome job.  My hair feels way better, and I don’t have to be embarrassed about it anymore.

However, this is not the only reason that I love getting my haircut.  In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t exactly live in the most classy, highbrow town in the world.  Redneck central is a better description.  However, when I go to Sue’s hair salon, I go downtown (one whole block of buildings…wahoo!), go into the salon, and enter another world.  They have it decorated just like a salon would be in Paris…everything is black, white, and red, and thoroughly girly.  The pedicure chairs are arm chairs with zebra seats, and white tulle floats on the ceiling.  It is pure awesomeness.  The best part is that for just a little while I can relax and pretend I’m somewhere else, all while getting my hair done.  This is definitely one of my simple pleasures in life…and all for $25.  What a great way to end a week!    

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