Redeeming the Time

My lately has been completely unstructured, and yet totally wonderful.  In some ways I feel so busy, working at a million different things and remodeling the house, and in others I feel like I’m just waiting for school (and thus substitute teaching) to start. 

I’m a huge proponent for not wasting time.  It’s my pet peeve when someone is obviously on Facebook too much, for instance.  And yet, I often find myself on there way too much. 🙂  I want so badly to fill my days with useful things…things that matter in the kingdom of God.  And yet, sometimes it’s easy to get off course.  So, last Friday I sat down and tried something new.  I made a weekly plan for my days, incorporating such aspects as chores, work duties, exercise, and food into one theme.  I also set down some restrictions for myself regarding certain time wasters.  hehe!  Knowing how unstructured my life is, and how much more so it will be once I start subbing, I made a plan that is flexible and doable for every day…no matter what happens. 

Now, I tend to be a bit obsessive about schedules.  I absolutely love to-do lists, and planning my days down to the minute.  Lately, however, God’s really been teaching me that I need to be flexible and spontaneous…to focus on the things that He gives me to do each day, and not on what I have planned each day.  So, can I be spontaneous in my days and still redeem the time God has given me?  We shall see!

I’ve decided to give you a peek once a week into these “daily plans” I have concocted.  And so I present, Monday.

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