The Newest Addition…

Meet Al. 

DSCF2032 (2)

Al, as in Al Capone.  Yes, that’s right…our cute little kitten has a gangster name.  DH’s idea.  I think it’s supposed to inspire him to be a mouse annihilator or something.

DSCF2037 (2)

His sole purpose in coming to live with us was to be a mouser, but his hilarious antics and melt-your-heart cuteness have endeared him to us.

DSCF2029 (2)

He’s already showing promise in his profession, though…

DSCF2041 (2)

That’s a toy mouse, by the way.  No actual animals were harmed in this training session!

He’s also an avid adventurer, climbing our trees like nobody’s business.

DSCF2044 (2)

As well as our tires…

DSCF2046 (2)

Sam the beagle is still trying to figure out what this strange this we brought home is.  At first she thought it was a chew toy, but after a few swats and hisses she decided it was an evil demon.

You never know…they might end up liking each other! 

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