Making ‘Cents’ of It

Today I’m introducing a new series I will be doing called Making ‘Cents’ of It, all about, you guessed it, saving our precious cents.  Upcoming topics will include cutting down your grocery budget, couponing, making things from scratch or homemade, fixing things yourselves, buying used, and a billion other ways to cut down your spending. 

I’m far from having everything figured out…this is a journey for me that I’m sharing with you.  Most ideas will be small, simple things that you can do to save a little.  Baby steps.  Yet, baby steps add up quickly to save you a lot of money without going crazy.  Do you have ideas of your own?  I’d love to hear them!  Like I said, we’re learning together.  So, stay tuned for the first in the series…”My Budgeting Journey”.

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