Spanish Rice

Okay, it probably should be called Mexican Rice, but that’s the name I was given for it, so that’s what I call it!
Awhile back a friend of my mom’s, Suzie Mendez, taught us how to make lots of yummy Hispanic food.  Being that she’s Hispanic it’s very authentic. 🙂 
One of the easiest things was this recipe for Spanish Rice, which goes great with just about any main entree, whether it be tacos, enchiladas, etc.  It’s super simple and oh-so-delicious!
All you’ll need is:

  • Part of a yellow onion
  • Long grained white rice
  • Olive oil
  • Chicken bouillon
  • Some kind of canned tomatoes.  It could be tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, with chiles, anything.  I prefer stewed tomatoes.

First, heat up a little olive oil in a pan.  You can use a skillet or a saute pan.  For small amounts I use my nonstick saute pan because the rice is less likely to burn.  Just make sure whatever pan you use has a lid.
Chop up some onion and add it to the hot oil.  Saute until tender. 
Next add your rice.  You need about 1/4 cup per person, so for my little family I just use 1/2 cup.  Let the rice brown for a minute or two with the onion.  See, nice and brown!
Then add your tomatoes, being sure to reserve all the juice.  You will need about a 15 oz can for 4 people, so I use half of one and save the rest for next time.
Measure how much juice you had and add enough water to make a 2 to 1 ratio with the rice.
Add some chicken bouillon, adding a teaspoon for every cup of water you used. 
Stir it all up and then taste the liquid.  If it is flavorful, then it’s good.  If not, add some salt and pepper, or whatever spices you want.
Cover and turn the heat to low.  Simmer for about 15 minutes.  Resist the urge to peek!
When most of the water is absorbed, uncover and stir up.  Let the rice continue to cook until all the water is gone. 
Serve hot and enjoy!

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