Merry Christmas 2010!

As this is our FIRST EVER Christmas card as a new family, I would like to start it off by saying that I have truly been blessed…this year more than ever.  I am so thankful for a wonderful husband, a warm home, and so many little blessings each day.

Andy and I were married on May 22nd of this year during a beautiful outdoor ceremony in my hometown of Flagstaff, AZ.  Despite many predictions by the locals of either rain or snow, the day was bright and sunny.  Oh, and very windy. 🙂  After honeymooning in Prince Edward Island (yes, I know my man is the sweetest!), we packed up my little equinox full to the brim and headed out to our new home in Mountain View, AR. 

Mountain View is a tiny little town nestled in the Ozark mountains.  With a population of right around 3000, everybody knows everybody and the Andy Griffith show feels oddly familiar.  It’s very different from Flagstaff, but we love it here.  Life is just a little bit slower, and you learn how much you really can do without.  We have to drive 45 minutes to watch a movie, 1 hour to go bowling, and 2 hours to do any real shopping, so those things become very special treats.  Our Walmart Supercenter isn’t even open 24 hours!

Since we got married and moved here, lot of exciting things have happened.  In June, on our one month anniversary, Andy brought home a little beagle puppy for me whom we named Sam.  She is the sweetest little pup and we are enjoying having her.  Andy have also gotten to travel to Texas, Missouri, Arizona, and Andy even got to go to North Carolina on business.  We are also enjoying exploring the area around where we live.  There is always something new and exciting. 

In August I began student teaching at a small school in an even smaller town than Mountain View, Timbo.  I was in a 2nd grade classroom all semester and loved it.  I am now finished with college, and Andy and I are praying about what I should do next.  Andy continues to work at Stone County Ironworks, where he is the head of product development.  We are blessed that he has such a good job in an area where jobs are scarce.  The business is growing steadily, and we are daily amazed by God’s provision for us.

I don’t know what the next year holds, but I pray that it is as full and rich as this one has been.  Marriage is truly a blessing from the Lord, and Andy and I are loving getting to build a new family together, as we fall more and more in love each day. 

If you’re not from around here, come see us sometime…our door, and our guestroom, is always open.  Until then, keep in touch…snail mail, facebook, hsa, email…whatever you like.  Praying that you see God working in this next year! 

In Christ,

Andy & Caitlin & Sam too!

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2010!

  1. Congratulations on your marriage! I grew up roughly 45 minutes from Moutain View! It is such a lovely little town. I loved spending our weekends on the square listening to the live music at night. I a few hours away now, but we love to go back and visit…and eat at Tommy's Famous for their amazing pizza!

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