An Adventure

So, we’re finally married!  Had a wonderful wedding (bright sun but a bit windy), an amazing honeymoon on Prince Edward Island, and a long drive to Arkansas from Arizona. 🙂 But more on that later.

We finally got home on Wednesday evening.  As we drove over the hills from Little Rock, I thought about how different Arkansas and Arizona are.  I just came from the driest place ever, to a place where it is so muggy it looks like smoke is covering everything.  I’ll admit, there was a little pit of fear in the bottom of my stomach.  What on earth was I doing?  I was leaving everything I had known…my family, my home, everything, to live in the hills of Arkansas.

And yet, I felt peace as well.  I know without a doubt that God has called me here.  I will be happy no where but where He has called me.    And what an adventure He has brought me on.  I think of the famous line from Peter Pan…”to live would be an awfully big adventure”.  And is this not life?  Growing up, getting married, starting a new family, and moving?  Yes, I am a little scared…but an adventure wouldn’t be an adventure without fear.  Without fear courage can not exist, and without fear, God cannot show His might and His power.  I’m ready.   

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some pictures of our new home.  I warn you in advance, the house is a mess right now.  Yesterday while Andy was at work I spent the whole day dragging boxes in the house, unpacking, buying groceries, putting them away, and a billion other things…and I am far from done.  But, hey, this is real life right?  And all part of the adventure. 🙂

Anyway, the pictures took forever to load, so I only have time for two right now!

The kitchen…please excuse all the stuff used from packing! lol!  The rug is one I bought back in Flagstaff.

The outside of the house.  Andy made the rods to hang plants on out of iron!  And he bought be those pretty pink petunias for me yesterday too!

Anyway, that’s all for now.  More later!

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