Flagstaff is your typical mountain town…full of lots of liberals.  One of those liberals lives just across the street from us.  She and her husband live in a rustic, wooden house that they built over thirty years ago.  They have no kids, are staunch democrats, and are, what can be described best as old hippies.  Seeing that we are from opposite ends of the political spectrum, during elections our neighbor graciously points her liberal signs toward our yard.  I don’t deny that there has been at least one occasion when we pointed our conservative signs back at her yard, although we try not to do that. πŸ™‚

Seeing as we are so different, you’d think we would hate each other, but, in fact, we get along quite grandly.  You see, for the past 12 years, we have had the delight of having our neighbor bring us fresh-baked bread every once in awhile.  And this isn’t ordinary white and wheat bread…these are the most delicious, artisan breads you’ve ever tasted.  For Christmas she always brings a huge platter of assorted homemade cookies.  She’s pretty much the cooking extraodinaire.  In addition to this, she gardens, spins her own yarn, dies her own yarn, and then turns her yarn into something wonderful.  She puts most of us homeschoolers to shame with her homemaking skills.  In fact, I think the only reason she puts up with our crazy views is that we are probably the only people that take an interest in her crafts.  In fact, last fall my mom organized a homeschool “field trip” to her house for a yarn-making demonstration.  Let me tell you, our neighbor’s front driveway was packed.

As of late, our neighbor has taken an interest in making sourdough bread, and my mom has joined in it with her.  Our neighbor even gave us some sourdough starter of our own, and ever since the two breadmaking households have been trying our best to find the secret to making sourdough a la San Francisco.  Our neighbor has brought us several samples, but my mom has yet to bring her any…I think we’re a bit too intimidated to offer our measly bread to the breadmaking queen.  lol!

However, our sourdough has been quite successful.  It’s a long process, but pretty easy.  It’s also kind of fun to “feed” the sourdough.  In highschool, I worked at a bread bakery, and I remember the bakers doing this mysterious task.  One day they fed it too much…we came back to find the sourdough spilling over it’s top, a bubbling, growing mass. 

As I write this, some more sourdough is proofing on the counter, although it won’t be ready to bake until tomorrow morning.  We’ll see how it turns out this time.  πŸ™‚

In Christ,


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