Snowed In

I kind of feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder right now. You know in The Long Winter when they are pretty much stuck there all winter?  That’s what I feel like right now…we are definitely snowed in.

Flagstaff has been hit with quite the doosy the past few days.  I’ve never seen so much snow, and we’ve lived here over twelve years!  Roofs have collapsed all over town, the highways are closed, and the drifts in our front yard are quite incredible.  The white is getting a bit overwhelming, and I definitely have cabin fever.

I really haven’t done much today.  I could get ahead in my schoolwork, but being snowed in makes one kind of lazy.  I got a little bit done, but most of the day we just messed around on the computer or shoveled.  It’s slightly depressing. 

To make things worse, I was supposed to go visit my fiance this weekend, but apparently God had other plans.  So I’m sitting here being lazy, and missing my Andy almost more than I can bear.

On a happier note, feeling like Laura Ingalls Wilder is kind of nice.  Our family is enjoying all the time together, and life has slowed down just a little bit.  I think this is life as God intended.  It’s so peaceful!  Once life goes back to normal, I hope to take a little piece of this back into normal life.  I want to remember to rest and take time to be with the people I love, right here at home.

Soon the snowplows will come, and we’ll be freed to go back to our hectic busy lives.  Til them, I’m here, pretending to be Laura Ingalls Wilder in our cozy little home.  I just wish Andy was snowed in here with us!  Maybe next year we’ll get snowed in together. 🙂

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